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Philosophy and approach:

short-term problem solving, and short- and long-term individual and relational counseling and coaching

Family Dynamics
Personal Development
Grief and Loss
Blended Families
Spiritual Discernment

With mature psychological insight and an inclusive and broad spiritual and practical perspective, Kathryn creates a safe space for clients to discover and move forward on their own paths for living a purposeful and deeply rewarding life. She offers short-term problem solving and short- and long-term individual and relational counseling and coaching. Rather than treating problems as unusual, weaknesses of character, or abnormal, Kathryn stands alongside her clients as a guide and coach, helping them to identify strengths and strategies and to claim the gifts of resilience and wisdom that often flow from successful work.

Collaboration: Kathryn works with other professionals including therapists, physicians, and attorneys.

Consider this:

  • Will this be a good fit for you? See the questions here.
  • This approach offers support, structure, focus, and feedback to help you accomplish your goals.